Are Your Customers Into You?


One of the biggest foibles in business is assuming that your customers will always stay loyal and enjoy what your company has to offer. This is of course not true, especially with the global economy and Internet giving them more choices than ever. Because of this, companies need creative solutions to keep customers happy.

A question I get all of the time is “How do I know if my customers are happy?” And while the answer is never simple, there are a few good indicators. The first is of course whether there are a large number of repeat customers. Every company keeps (or should) keep track of who is doing the ordering as well as how many times they’ve ordered. Repeat orders equal happy customers.

In addition, happy customers share their positive experiences. Customers posting on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. that have positive things to say not only show you that they are happy, but that they are influencing others.

The point of the story

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell if your customers are happy, but it can be difficult to tell if your network is expanding. The old phrase “you can’t make everybody happy,” while true to an extent is not the end all be all.

Using creative solutions that drive traffic and widen your customer network, we can help ensure that your existing customers not only stay happy, but will share their positive experiences with others. The right question should not be whether your customers are happy, but whether your are making enough people happy.

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