What does noise mean in the business landscape?


In today’s media “noise” is a buzzword that is uttered in almost every creative marketing campaign. But what exactly does the word mean in this modern context? In short, noise is the competing interests and advertisements trying to vie for the attention of consumers. And while it may seem like this is just part of the business landscape that consumers deal with, its effects can be quite detrimental to businesses.

Consider this, you are a small business trying to market to a local demographic. Seems easy enough, right? The problem is that in addition to the local businesses trying to reach the same demographic, you have larger corporations with bigger budgets doing this as well. This can lead to a nightmare for advertisers.

So what can companies do about this?

Filter the noise

Every consumer that shops online is being bombarded with hundreds of advertisements, which means cutting through the clutter is essential to running a successful business. Doing this means that one must pay close attention to their target market and advertise to it. The only way to do this is with a targeted marketing campaign that is not only specific, but also quality.

Our solutions firm will work closely with your company in order to identify who you want reading your advertisements and the best way in which to implement them. Through web traffic, social media, and email marketing, we can ensure that your customers will see you and receive your message even within the crowded business landscape.

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