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At Eckho Creative, we understand that you choose your creative solutions firm based on your own unique business needs. We pride ourselves on offering viable business solutions for companies big and small through targeted marketing, social media connections, and search engine optimization. And while our track record speaks for itself, testimonials are the real gauge of a successful firm.

Recently, we were asked to help a company specializing in affordable overhead door installation for garage doors, which was something we had never handled before. Mostly specializing in technology fields, our staff was met with a unique challenge to drive traffic to the site of this local company.

What we did

Understanding that local companies are not necessarily provided with the same advancements in technology as large corporations, we realized that we needed to take a step back and consider older forms of advertising. Many customers of the company were simply looking to buy a new wood garage door, Instead of pushing a social media marketing campaign (the company had only recently gotten a Facebook account), we brought back the old school format of email marketing and even paper advertisements.

The result of our efforts was a 46 percent increase in sales, and working closely with the company on their social media campaign, increased their online visibility by 100 percent. The success of this campaign allowed the company to meet its financial goals while highlighting services that people may not have known about.

An unexpected bonus

We had no idea that the campaign would be so successful that it would allow them to become the largest local garage door installer in the area. People looking to hire a gate repair service flocked to the company in droves simply due to their exposure within the community. Because much of their customer base was becoming more Internet savvy, their success hinged largely upon their online presence, which we figured would pay dividends in the future, not immediately.

It is this willingness to explore all possible avenues that makes our company stand out for the rest, and number one in the minds of our customers.

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