Targeted advertising for the modern world


At Eckho Creative, we work with clients from all walks of life, different businesses, and all different targeted demographics. This is what I want to focus on or this article, is the importance of targeted demographics. Take for example, one of our clients, As you can probably guess, they sell custom garage doors and repair existing ones. It seems as though this is an easy business to advertise, but there is much more to this than meets the eye.

If you live in a neighborhood, it stands to reason that people need garage doors. What people don’t often realize is that someone has to install these garage doors, repair them, and maintain them. Well, it stands to reason that there are enough companies competing with each other to make all of this possible and give clients a good deal. What people may not recognize is the sheer level of competition that actually exists.

The importance of targeting

Not all garage doors are created equally, and no matter what people may think, there are different companies that specialize in different types of installation and repair. With the example listed above, we knew that their specialty was in garage door repair and making doors for both conventional and unconventional sizes of garage. By knowing this, we knew that they had a slight edge over their competitors, in that not every company could make custom garage doors.

So what we did was market to people that lived in areas with a higher frequency of irregular sized garages. By doing this, we created advertising in a niche market, but one that was still under the umbrella of garage door installation. People that did not even know about custom garage doors immediately gravitated toward our client, which increased their profits for the quarter dramatically.


Targeted advertising is something that takes time to determine, but can make all of the difference. By using exhaustive resources and targeted advertising campaigns, we are able to pinpoint holes in the competition and allow our clients to reap the benefits. Without targeted advertising, your company is likely just another face in the crowd.

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