Know your audience


Advertising is one of the most difficult things to consider when running a business. Knowing what your product is, who it interests, and ways in which to reach the people that it does are all things that must be considered when engineering a disruptive advertising campaign. Due to the complexity and psychology of advertising, it becomes much more than simply knowing what people want, but also how they think.

On a daily basis, people are inundated with advertisements from all mediums. Due to the connectivity of our world, it is safe to say that every advertising campaign must have a digital element, but it is important to understand that not every campaign will rely heavily on it.

Technology as a crutch

People often believe that technology is the end all be all to advertisement, and in some ways this is accurate. The new generation of consumers is largely connected to the digital world, but one must take into account those that grew up without technology. There is still a fair number of Baby Boomers that consume, and therefore it is important not only to use a digital campaign, but a physical one as well.

Throughout the years, I have found that the best campaigns are one that use physical advertising, but sway more toward electronic. In that, they draw the Boomers, which are now becoming more technologically adept, but still using mediums with which they are familiar. The marriage of these two mediums is something we at Eckho Creative understand, and work with our clients in order to achieve the most optimum results.

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