Six degrees of advertisement


Advertising is all about precision, accuracy, and psychology. What I mean by that is that businesses must speak to their target audience with short, concise messages, while also understanding how their base audience will respond. In some ways, advertisement is universal, but in others, it is completely unique. What that means is that advertising effectively revolves around knowing basic human psychology, but also knowing your audience.

Take for example, one of my clients,, a garage door company in Oakland county. They run their advertising campaign under the platform of affordable new door prices, but as a small company, they must market their product to a wide area of customers as well as the local community. In order to do this, we had to develop an advertising campaign that appeals to those looking to buy a garage door as well as ads that people wanted to see.

Sounds simple right? Well, in reality selling garage doors to the average person is difficult. Garage doors are typically only searched when people are building a new home or need something replaced. So advertising for them is much more difficult than it may seem.

Finding your mark

It so happens that there was an untapped demographic in garage door sales, which was people looking to replace or upgrade their garage door openers. We had the idea to advertise for Goodman and Sears openers, which were the highest quality openers for many garage doors. We found that there were way more customers looking for quality garage door openers than we initially expected.

The results were staggering. Sales skyrocketed, traffic skyrocketed and Oakland Garage Door helped corner the market for replacing garage door openers. By simply understanding how customers thought and which products were being sought out helped propel the advertising campaign to new heights.


The psychology behind advertising is perhaps the most important aspect to successful campaigns. Understanding which customers need which product can help propel businesses to new heights. Whether you are a large or small company, placing your product and understanding your customers is the first step to bringing your business to new heights.

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