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Our website gets a facelift

June 1st, 2011

The current website has been in use and live for just over a year and in need of some improvements and work to display more relevant information and freshen up some areas, as all design agencies find working on clients websites prevents you from working on your own, but this is a must as the main company website is a shop window to the world.

To compliment the companies second birthday we have proudly launched a new improved website, but what has changed I hear you ask!


Starting with the homepage we have integrated social media into the website more by including icons at the header and footer of the website to give viewers easier access to our social media profiles. As well as this our latest tweets, live and up to the minute are now displayed for everyone to see without being hidden on another website. Over the past year the types of services we provide has increased and expanded and so we have now listed these clearly on the site.

Our company information is crucial to be displayed and shows visitors, current clients, prospective clients, business partners and agencies more insight into eckhoCreative, what we do, how we do it and why. We now have a more detailed and in depth About Us section, our client testimonials have been updated to include the nice words our clients have said about us, our media page has been updated to include the various ways we have been mentioned in the media and how our work has been displayed in the media. There is now a new partners page to display the types of companies we now work closely with and have been officially partnered with, this is one of our brand new pages and one we are proud of and hope to build and expand in the future.

As always with any design agency our clients are the most important to our business like any other business, so we decided to create a page showing a selection of our clients that we have worked with and continue to work with.

Lastly to bring our portfolio bang up to date we have given this a facelift and added some new technology elements to the page to further enhance our work and show relevant information in a more professional manner.

We are still working on some extra features and pages and these will be launched very soon, take a look at the new site and we would love to hear your comments and feedback.